Why now?

Clearly, most, if not all, pro beach volleyball players today and the past 15 years  – and certainly most of those who place in the top 10 in today’s limited number of “pro” events are unable to earn a comfortable or even reasonable living playing the sport they have invested so much time – and likely parent or college institution resources in. Poverty is not a Profession.

The American Volleyball League™ – is a paradigm shifting, connected eco-system for the aspiring professional athlete that can be counted on.

What’s it going to be like?

When you hear your name called during the historic AVL Draft during the twelve-round event held in the middle of May, it will instantly change a beach volleyball player’s life. However, being selected may not mean immediate wealth. Newly drafted players can earn seven-figure contracts on owned teams and five / six-figure annual salaries, but the numbers could decline  through the rounds – other than the standard minimum salary. In other sports, Draftees once had the option of holding out for more money before their inaugural pro season, but that not only no longer pays, it may make you ineligible.

Does the AVL First Round Players “cash in”?

Players chosen in the AVL First Round earn the most lucrative contracts; those picked in the later rounds don’t earn quite as much. Rookies who play in 2018-2020 will earn competitive workplace salaries, but their contracts can be worth more with signing bonuses and endorsements with team ownership making those decisions. This base salary will likely increase annually due to team revenue.

Is there a salary cap or minimum salary?

The AVL has a rookie salary cap that limits the amount a team can give a player during their first season and over the course of the first three years with the team – the length of a rookie contract — and all first-round contracts come with a team option for a fourth year.

How can I become the highest paid player or get on the highest paying team?

AVL teams do not have a salary cap that restricts the contracts for active players. However, if a team does not have a team owner, it is unlikely the payroll will be among the highest, since the league exercises positions itself for sustainability, vs. flame-out. Simply, it operates in a controlled budget, vs a team owner who may have an exponential budget.

Can I become a team owner?

Short answer is “yes” Please contact the AVL League Front Office for details.

How much money do AVL Cup winners receive?

Aside from annual player salaries, the AVL Cup winners receive a proportionate amount to the annual “Partner Pool”, derived from Collaboration Partner involvement and Viewership Royalties.

How do I become drafted or become an AVL First Round Draft Pick?

By performing at the highest level in your age group, High School, College or in a previous tour. It also helps if you are well-spoken, are a good ambassador to the sport and leave a positive impression.

What is the order?

Players are chosen by AVL Player Index or “Owner Gut” and team order by AVL Lottery Pick. In future years, teams choose by win/loss record and other statistics in the event of a tie in standings.

Can I have a player contract in another league, tour or organization while in the AVL?

The basic answer is – it is up to the Team’s Front Office.

You are under contract and obligation – guaranteed salary – to come to work, namely your beach office on the sand – and receive benefits associated with being part of a Professional Sports League. If you do not play, you do not get paid – and your team standing, future compensation and eligibility may be jeopardized. How does a company perform when you are on vacation?

There is no restriction placed on athletes eligible for playing in the FIVB and strive for the Olympics, however, America’s only domestic league is ambitious in its player and fan development, from number of quality teams, increased compensation and benefits to League Athletes to increasing entertainment value in each hometown.

The League or your Team has no liability in the event another organization limits your eligibility or playing time due to your status on an AVL Team.

Who do you support?

We support the commerce in the sport – primarily the growth and incubation of brands and businesses who support the sport – and you the athlete.

We are simply not in the “win prize money if you place 1st – 13th“ business. It’s a business model that has long been broken in the sport and is disappointing to thousands of talented athletes, sport ambassadors and its eroding fan base.

We are supportive of Beach Volleyball Clubs, High School and Middle School Beach Volleyball Teams along with higher level training, yet we are not in the business of milking parent pocketbooks for the allure of being part of the 1% who are talented enough to receive a college scholarship yet already paid for college before arriving on campus – with no place to actually make money after that stellar club and/or college career. We simply have an authentic, professional volley vibe and welcome the best talent and seek to provide a platform and showcase for professional, post-college success.

How can you afford to guarantee my pay?

Well, it kind of goes like this… The AVL and its Team Owners are committed to the principles of growing the industry of Beach Volleyball – this requires more than just players on the court playing. Our Teams are in the community and country promoting the sport, the municipalities and businesses who are engaged in supporting our League, inspiration, health and wellness in the community… because we support them.