AVL Draft Structure

The AVL Draft is divided into four parts per gender. The AVL Front Office and Board of Directions will determine which teams are eligible for the Draft based upon a number of criteria.

Part One:

Outreach to the AVL Draft to the thousands of eligible athletes, with an online sign-up.

Part Two:

The first part is the initial allocation of six (6) players per gender into individual teams.

Part Two:

(Note: in the event there is no team owner, a League representative shall make the selection of the player per team not owned. This team will likely not have home matches in their team’s town, until the team has ownership.)

The AVL Professional Draft is composed of professional men and women’s volleyball players who have competed in other leagues, who make themselves eligible for the Draft.

Players selected

There are no restrictions on what part of the world the players come from (though under varying rules, international players may be subject to tighter age restrictions within the draft than college players). However, college sports governing bodies, most notably the NCAA, prohibit players from receiving money in professional leagues simultaneously with their college eligibility.

Hey Athletes – This is not a dream.

Have you ever dreamed of making a living playing Pro Beach Volleyball but didn’t know how to get into the American Volleyball League (AVL)? Well, believe it or not, almost anyone can enter the annual AVL Drafts for a shot to be drafted into the bigs. All you need to do is simply meet a few eligibility requirements and you’ll be registered for the Draft. Who knows? You might even be on the receiving end of a five, six or even seven figure contract.

Step 1

Meet the eligibility requirements. To enter the AVL Draft, you must be at least 18 years of age during the year of the draft, and at least one AVL season must have lapsed since your graduation from high school.

Step 2

Express your interest in entering the draft in writing at least 45 days before the draft date. Include your name, state that you meet the eligibility requirements, and request a draft entry application form. Address the letter or email to Office of the General Counsel at the AVL offices in Manhattan Beach,

Step 3

Fill out and return the application form or enter online at The form requests personal information, proof of age from birth certificate or license, high school and college information, and agency representation, if any.

Step 4

Check the website and confirm that you are on the list about two weeks after submitting your application. If not, contact the AVL and check on the status of your application.