Athletes who seek a career in Professional Sports and all the associated benefits can count on the American Volleyball League™ as their platform.

In the AVL™, there is no prize money and no tours. Just guaranteed compensation with performance incentives and homestands.

AVL Players are poised to become some of the highest paid athletes in Professional Sports. The AVL’s compensation system is very simple. Players play for teams, teams and the League generates revenue via multiple streams – while supporting player and team growth, marketing and personal brand positioning. Yes, we have experience running best of breed leagues and the required business development behind them. Without losing our shirt, despite the tan underneath.

The League’s relationships are sufficient enough to commit long term, while Team Ownership allows for significantly higher compensation – whether via the AVL Draft or AVL Free Agency.

There is nothing like playing in front of a hometown crowd, with the vibe viewed nationally. What team would you like to play for?

Pro Beach Volleyball player career solutions are here, sustainable, scalable and they are brilliant.

Time to Serve.